Seize Oppportunities of Esport Market in Southeast Asia

Online games have become the favorite thing to play during leisure time. Not only kids, but also adults like playing games online. The activity of playing online games has turned into competition called esport. Esport market in Southeast Asia grows drastically.

There are so many game enthusiasts from Southeast Asia that support esport market. The league competition of esports leads the gamers to play the game even more. They aim to become professional gamers so they can participate in esport leagues.

The Growth of Esport Market in Southeast Asia

Currently, esport becomes new business opportunity in Southeast Asia. It is not merely game competition, but its popularity has led esport industries to rise. Southeast Asia countries definitely has great potentials to enhance esport market.

Some countries in Southeast Asia that have strong interest in esport are Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines. Based on Market Research Southeast Asia, YCP Solidiance in particular, esports market in the Philippines grows drastically.

Not only Philippines, but also other countries in Southeast Asia indicates the great development in esport industries. From 2011 to 2021 the statistic of esport enthusiasts keeps increasing. Esport leagues with various titles has started to rise.

Essential Things in Esport Ecosystem

The development of esport market should begin with the great esport ecosystem. To achieve ideal esport ecosystem, all parties must support the professional gamers well because the gamers are the central of game competition.

Basically, esport ecosystem includes professional gamers, league organizers, game publishers, sponsors, media, spectators, and investors. The esport league is a chance for gamers to collect money. The professional players can earn money by selling apparel, products or sponsorship.

Esport Title Categories

Various titles of esport championships that attract game enthusiasts obliquely increase the esport market. It becomes a chance for industry players to expand their businesses by leveraging of esport popularity. The esport championships consist of numerous categories.

Well known categories for esport titles are Real Time Strategy, Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs), Fighting Games, First Person Shooters, and Battle Royales. It leads the game publishers to launch games with the similar categories in esport titles that will increase the esport market.

To support professional players who participate in big esport championships, the league organizers must pay them with adequate salary. Normally the professional players’ average salary reaches approximately USD 410.000. The investment in esport industry will bring profit in the future.

In addition, the game organizers should invest huge gaming house that functions as training ground and lodging for professional players. This is one of the ways to ensure the wellbeing of professional players and maintain esport ecosystem.

How Esport Enhances Game Developers

The viable esport ecosystem in Southeast Asian countries must optimize their potentials and strategies so they can succeed in esport sector. Esport sector will boost game developers to create more games that can launch into esport leagues.

Surely, the game industries need to consider capital investments, viewership, profit when they decide to enhance esport sector. Southeast Asia becomes ideal esport market where the game participants and viewers always increase each year. It drives game industries to exploit their potentials.

Seeing the potentials of esport market in Southeast Asia, game developers and esport organizers need to find best strategies in expanding esport sector. There are many things to consider in maintaining esport ecosystem.







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