the potential of cattle investment

Exploring the Potential of Cattle Investment: A Comprehensive Overview

The increasing demand for products from animals is leading to significant changes, specifically in animal farming practices. Investors need to start exploring the potential of cattle investment: a comprehensive overview to see whether the changes are positive or negative.

A shift to more industrialized and intensive animal production methods is one thing that changes the industry. Animal sustainability and welfare become more important concerns for stakeholders, policymakers, and consumers in the industry of animal agriculture.

Exploring the Potential of Cattle Investment: A Comprehensive Overview

Changes like those mentioned above are leading to the development of new farming practices and technologies. Digital and precision livestock farming is something new. It offers potential benefits both for animal sustainability and welfare.

  • Precision Livestock Farming

PLF or precision livestock farming has been used for more than 10 years. Precision livestock farming is a livestock production management. It is using the technology and principles of process engineering. The purpose is to improve production efficiency while increasing human and animal welfare.

To reach its purpose and offer promising cattle investment opportunities​, PLF is going to apply advanced communication and information technologies, precise production control processes, and use targeted sources. Recently, PLF was also defined as farm management that is based on different factors.

  • Digital Livestock Farming

DLF or digital livestock farming is digital farming or agriculture that is specifically applied to livestock farming. In turn, digital agriculture is the use of detailed and elaborate digital information in guiding decisions along the value chain of agri-food.

It includes high-volume and variable big data use. It then creates critical automation, actionable analytics, modeling, and critical insights for PLF or precision livestock farming. To offer cattle investment opportunities, DLF has integration to a higher degree.

  • Smart Livestock Farming

Along with DLF, SLF or Smart Livestock Farming can be the successors of PLF. Smart livestock farming is known as a very special development. It focuses on the use of communication and information technology that is applied in the cyber-physical management cycle.

Many of the social and ethical implications of the SLF and DLF farming systems are going to be the same. But SLF also has its own specific implications. Some work must be done to give extra weight to SLF in the new farming trends.






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